Wildlife Sculptures

in bronze

by Eddie Hallam

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Lapwing and Chicks

Lapwing and Chicks

Lapwing and Chicks

I am always distressed to hear about the massive decline of the lapwing. As a young boy I would see them regularly. Not only are they spectacularly beautiful, but their flying displays are just breathtaking. They dive and climb and dive again, and miss crashing into the ground by the narrowest of margins. They seem to have everything that is attractive – the crest, the feathers that change colour depending on the light and to complete the set, such a dramatic call.


I watched the lapwing that inspired this sculpture. It hatched three chicks and lost one within hours. The other two survived to maturity, which is unusual. I have tried numerous times to tempt lapwings to breed on some meadows that I own. They arrive early in the spring, but never stay long enough to breed.





Limited edition of 30

Price £3,200

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