Wildlife Sculptures

in bronze

by Eddie Hallam

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Kingfisher on Reedmace

Kingfisher on Reedmace

Kingfisher on Reedmace

This sculpture is based on a kingfisher that regularly visits the ponds on my nature reserve. Providing I don't get too close, it tolerates my presence quite well and as a consequence, I have been able to sketch it on several occasions.

Bulrushes grow at the margins of the ponds and in the winter the kingfisher is often to be found perched on a bent over stem, scanning the water below. I don't really know what attracts it to the ponds as none of them contain fish. Some young great crested and common newts overwinter in the ponds and I guess that the kingfisher might feed on these - although I have never seen it catch one.





Limited edition of 30

Price £1,745

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